The Host

The Host is written by the infamous Stephanie Meyer. It is a story about alien parasites who have enslaved the human race. This book appears to be different as it is told from the point of view of one of the parasites who has just enslaved one of the few remaining human resistance fighters.
Morbid curiosity. Well that, and I wanted to see how Ms. Meyer’s writing style has progressed; Twilight was, as far as I know, her first novel and it is a well-known fact that the more one writes the better at it one gets.
I finished the sample and enjoyed what I read. Ms. Meyer’s decision to tell the story from the POV of an alien infesting a host body is a great way to put a spin on what is otherwise a trite tale, and the plot thickens further when it is revealed the host body may not be fully under control.
Now this novel is billed as a romance and, while that’s hinted at in the sample, I’ve read there’s another impossible love triangle involved. That concept bores me, and may turn out to be a deal-breaker later on, but it has been shown not to interfere with the plot of other books, so who knows?
The novel begins with a poem, which didn’t really do much for me other than drive home what I already knew about parasites being the book’s focus. I’m not a big poetry person period. Apart from that, I thought the entire sample was well written; it promises action later, delivers a tiny bit as a down payment, and uses soft exposition to tell a lot without blatantly stating it. And the author makes very good use of sensory imagery.

I won’t buy it but I may check it at the library.
“Read a Stephanie Meyer book?” you ask, incredulous. Well yes, I believe we should jugde authors work by work. If you didn’t care for twilight, it doesn’t mean you won’t like The Host. Matter of fact, as I said before, since she’s been writing continuously, her quality of work can only be expected to improve. Think of the first thing you wrote—it sucked, didn’t it?—I know my first novel did. But if you kept at it you’ve improved.
Besides, there was a silly love triangle in Hunger Games, and that book turned out okay. Maybe I should review that soon…


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