FREEBOOK FRIDAY: I Bring the Fire–Part One

I Bring the Fire by C. Gockel is a fantasy drawing paralells to norse mythology and little red riding hood.
The synopsis is all over the place–which could either mean it’s really good or really bad. The thing which tipped me off to try this one is the wolf, which ties the two very separate stories together. Red riding hood’s nemesis is the Big Bad Wolf, and Fenrir is a literal big, bad wolf featuring heavily in Norse mythology.
There’s potential here to have something cool.
I’m actually still reading. The author plants some decent hooks, which are subtle, but it’s clear there’s something here.
The book starts okay with our buxom red riding hood a college vet student driving cross country to see grandma–except she’s busy bathing her strange dog “Fenrir” in a filthy truck stop bathroom and possibly about to get raped by a middle-aged creeper. Decent Hook.
We then go into Loki, awakening in an asgardian prison–and before you say anything, the author has a slightly more traditional view of nordic gods–no Marvel Universe faggotry.
Gockel has a very distinct voice with a third-person-omniscient, present-tense style. Unusual, but Gockel makes it work. The author is also very good at establishing mood through setting in the opening scene.
I noticed a few punctuation errors, but nothing that broke the fourth wall for me. Also, there are a few lazy descripitons–what is an “Asgardian-style stopwatch”? That one didn’t appear so readily in my mind. These are very few and far between and overall the quality of work is great so far for a free book.
Good title and cover art as well.

This is a good one. I actually plan to continue this book and I might even do a follow up. I do wonder if Loki mating with all those animals will be addressed, though…


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