FREEBOOK FRIDAY: Welcome To The Psychedelic Genome Project

David Rogan, WTPGP’s Author contacted me to share the current link to his memoir here. Get it!

Well, I waited too long to download this title and now it’s gone from smashwords. The Author’s page is still up, but every link to the book is non-functional. I found this out after my Fiancee attempted to download it and was unable to find it.
please leave a comment or message telling me where to find your work. In the past few days, this post has gotten a lot of hits, meaning people really want to read this, but no one can find it!

Help me, David Rogan. you’re my only hope.
Original review follows:

Cover for 'Welcome to the Psychedelic Genome Project'

Well here I go breaking my own rules again. This one’s categorized under non-fiction biography, but it is a narrative, so I can make another exception. Also, it’s one of those works wherein I’m not sure just how accurate the description is. WTTPGP is the offspring of an author known on Smashowrds as David Rogan. It describes his adventures in southeast Asia and Southwest Americas, experimenting with drugs and sex while on the run from his Ph.D. program. It is also free on Smashwords!
The title is quite evocative and, while it has some terrible “cover art,” the summary promises a lot: falling in love with two women, dating an “interdimensional vampire,” writing a thesis, and the author’s death. I checked it out expecting it to be super fun garbage.
I am actually still reading this one. The author juxtaposes scenes in his life without regard to their actal chronology and, while the effect is disorienting and a little jarring, it evokes for me what it must feel like to be on some of the drugs he’s on during these scenes. I particularly enjoyed his narrative of a 24 hour trip to Tokyo on ketamine, which consisted of a single, chapter long, run-on sentence with no capitols or punctuation to speak of. It was exhuberant and powerful, and it gave me a great idea of how it feels to be dancing with Japanese Go-Go girls on uppers after no sleep for a week.
I sense there is a pattern to be found in his a-chronology, but at page 40 I haven’t figured it out yet.
I have trouble with the characters sometimes, keeping what who said straight, and in some scenes there is a ‘Chris’ whose introduction I either missed or was not given. I’m still unsure of Chris‘s gender, time period, and whether or not he is one of the other characters under a different name.
Apart from that issue, it’s a pretty well written peice. We get a big hook in the beginning as the first person narrator is told his current Ph.D. thesis is not good enough and he has to start over–this is interspersed with the narrator’s thougts on life up to this point–and immediately followed by the narrator’s announcement that he is going to run away from life and take all the drugs. Soon he’s smoking opium abroad in a bed with “Texan-Girl” and confessing his sins as she confesses hers.
Also it needs way better cover art. Or any cover art. I think that’s just a picture of some dude the author knows at a bar.

This one is gloriously weird and while it tells a good story, it’s worth picking up just to see how the author uses formatting and scene juxtaposition to create mood and evoke feelings of disorientation toward a purpose. David [?] breaks the rules in a good way here and it’s a great reminder to other authors that the English language should work for us, instead of the other way around.

Pick it up and tell me what you think! Leave a comment telling me whether you agree or you think I missed the mark.


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