CONTEST Ended – Winner Anouncement!

Well, the month and a half are over and the contest is done! I’d like to thank everybody for entering and everybody for reading! We had some good entries, but one shines overall – ProductHoochie’s Robert Langdon Adventure is the funniest beyond doubt. For her prize she has requested I draw something to surprise her, but suggested I include dinosaurs in some way as they are my forte.

I had a lot of fun with this and I enjoyed reading the entries. There were a few less entries than I thought there’d be, but that’s probably my fault. The difficulty level was a little high, and the cut-and-paste-in-your-word-processor interface was another obstacle, I’m sure. I tried to make a form on and, but both of them failed to save my work. Technical difficulties, I guess.

Anyway, I do plan on doing another, similar contest and the next time it’s going to be a bit more user-friendly. Also, expect my followup on Brown’s novel as well! Things are getting busy lately, so I’m under lots of pressure, but I promise to have it done by next week at the latest!

Now one question remains:



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