The She-Hulk Diaries

The She-Hulk Diaries

I’m not sure how to classify this book, genre-wise. The She-Hulk Diaries by Marta Acosta is almost exactly what it sounds like—the diary of a super-heroine’s alter-ego—but I don’t know whether to call it chick-lit, sci-fi, or some superhero subgenre of fantasy.
The concept sounds interesting as I am a tiny bit familiar with the character, but the cover art really grabbed my eye—very understated and yet vibrant— it was atypical of most novel covers and ESPECIALLY superhero book covers.
Also, I have a bit of a thing for green women.
I read to the end of the sample and I liked it. The book begins as She-Hulk’s human alter ego is making New Year’s resolutions not to let her insane super hero personality destroy her life. She gives herself the standard Maslow’s hierarchy goals: A Job, a house, a husband, etc. Her major conflict is that when she gets angry she transforms into the she-hulk, who not only has anger problems, but apparently parties like some kind of spring break sorority girl.
The sweetest part of this conflict is that our main character doesn’t really like her other persona, while nearly everyone else in the world LOVES her. And who wouldn’t? A hard partying girl who sleeps around?
I enjoyed what I read and I can’t think of a great deal of criticism for it. HOWEVER, I know many people will expect a book about a super heroine to have some kind of heroics in it, and that was conspicuously absent from this book. I expect that this book will have very few or even no parts narrated by the eponymous She-Hulk because her alter ego (whose name I can’t remember) keeps getting overshadowed by her out of control heroine side (case in point, see?).
Still, I can see superhero fans being let down and even mad if there’s no super-hero fights.

This was a fun one, and it tackles a side of heroes we don’t often get to see—the down-time after the big fight. The author’s voice is strong and our naturally flawed MC’s life is anything but dull, even though she’s not She-Hulk while we’re reading.

Check it out and leave a comment telling me how it was!


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