My fellow Readers,

I’d like to thank all of those following my blog and those who just stop by from time to time. There’ll be some changes coming soon, and in more ways than one. For starters, I’m getting married on August 16th–yes, try to contain your sobs, ladies–to Julie of ShortandSweetinTexas. If any of you have gotten married or attended a wedding, you know the ammount of work involved–the work is exactly as rewarding as it is time consuming, and I find it harder to post here regularly with interesting stuff.
I’d like to take this opportunity to address some things about the blog, give a preview of what’s to come, and just provide general information.

Also, the pic above is the sketch I did inside ProductHoochie‘s prize copy of Inferno! I waited to post it here because I wanted it to be a surprise for her.

As my reading list mounts higher, I find myself with even less time to read and following that, less time to post (not to mention work on my own writing). I know I’ve said I was going to do follow ups on about five books now, none of which I’ve gotten round to finishing, but I’m actually reading Game of Thrones series. I’ve finished book 4 and moved on to 5. It’s just easier for me  to read about characters I already know.
I do intend to get back to regular reading, so one day I’ll make good on those promises of followups!

In the early days of my blog I settled into a routine of posting about three times a week with a wildcard novel on Teusday, a new release Thursday, and a free or low-cost book on Friday. Under the current circumstances, that’s a bit much for me to keep up with every single week while maintaining the same quality to which you the readers have become accustomed.
So until such time as major stressors blow over, my goal for the blog is to manage one post a week at least, probably Wednesday or Thursday, usually a new release, but possibly of any other format. I may post more often if I find something particularly interesting or if I have a guest poster. Also, Freebook/Frugal Fridays will be ad-hoc, or just whenever I find something neat.

I’m planning to follow the above posting format until about the second week of September, when weddings and honeymoons are completed. In the mean time, however…
I’m extending an open invitation for guest posts! Have you read a book? Did you like it? Did it it fail to grab you and you put it down? Type up a little post telling us What you read, Why you chose to read it, Where you stopped, How it could be better, and Whether you would recommend it to others.
Upon my return from pre-nuptial land, I shall resume posting as usual. I also hope to hold another contest in the near future, so check back for that!
I also have plans to change up the format slightly for November’s National Novel Writing Month, in which I participate yearly.

So, that’s a little rundown, just so you’ll know where I went, should I fail to post as regularly. Standby for more posts and leave a comment telling me what you think!



  1. #1- Thank you so much! The illustration is FANTASTIC! I was hysterical when I opened the cover.
    #2- Congrats on your impending nuptials. You guys will do great! The work is worth it.

    • Thanks, ProductHoochie!
      I’m glad you liked the illustration! I’m sure you could tell, but I used actual nail polish to color the nail polish. Mixed media, eh?
      Our wedding ceremony will be small, but nice. Julie might do a wedding beauty post on her blog if she feels like it as well!

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