Hello loyal readers! Hello bibliopphiles! Hello random persons googling the word ‘contest’!
Thanks for dropping by as I unveil my new contest!

For those of you who have read my last post, there is a lot of contention lately as to whether or not writers should negatively review books. I won’t reiterate the debate, but as my blog is based on advising readers to avoid certain works of fiction, and as I am a writer myself, I feel this is a highly relevant issue to the future of the blog.


Since I just got married, and am now “wifing in da club” I’m giving one of my lucky readers $20 (it’s the only marriage themed thing I could think of [beyond all of YOU sending me money{actually, I like that idea; I may have to have a contest like that in the future!}]) in the form of a gift card to their favorite bookstore! I will also include a personalized, limited edition, original work of art (cocktail napkin drawing) for the winner!

The terms are as follows:

To become eligible, you must

  • Follow my blog–it’s totally worth it.
  • Complete my short survey–all three questions listed below–which will help me to determine how to grow the blog from here.
  • Leave a comment telling me what I should draw for the winner.
  • Sing the refrain of that song (“GIMME TWENTY DOLLAS, GIMME TWENTY DOLLAS”)

Once you’re eligible, click here to enter! It takes you to Rafflecopter, a website which my wife–shortandsweetintexas–has used for some awesome giveaways! Also I think she set it up so you can get multiple entries if you share the contest on facebook or twitter!

The contest will run for one month–9-19-13 to 10-19-13 at which time, one winner will be chosen.

I’ll announce the winner in a blog post and the winner will have one week to claim the prize before I pick a runner up, and that process will repeat.

The bookstore you choose must be one from which I can reasonably obtain a gift card. Indie bookstores are out unless I can obtain and send their giftcard online. This contest is not being sponsored by anybody but me and I guess my wife because she did all the work. Also, I will not under any circumstances send cash.

That said, have fun! Any questions can be posted in the comments or using my contact page above. Additional terms may follow as they come up.

My survey:

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for helping me to improve!



What do you think? Tell me your opinions in a comment.

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