A guest Review by my lovely wife! She has different taste than I, so if you guys like it, i might ask her to do more reviews of stuff I wouldn’t look at.
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The Book: Nefertiti by Michelle Moran tells the story of the eponymous Egyptian queen and her family through the eyes of her sister, Mutnodjmet.

Why I Picked it Up: I spotted it at Barnes & Noble; as an Ancient Egypt aficionado it seemed like something I might enjoy.

Where/Why I Stopped: I didn’t. I devoured this book like it was a pint of Häagen-Dazs. While it is certainly historical fiction it is also clear that the author did a lot of research which makes her use of artistic license enjoyable rather than irritating. I love Moran’s writing style; her characters spring to life and I found myself intrigued by everyone, even characters I didn’t particularly like as people. The narrator, Mutnodjmet, feels realistic and helps to keep the story grounded. She’s surrounded by vain, spoiled royals but she’s easy to relate to. Her conflicted feelings about being caught between family loyalty and her own dreams feel natural and she inspired my empathy.

What Could Be Better, If Anything: There is a section where the story lags a bit, but it’s over quickly and I barely noticed it to be honest.

Recommendation: Definitely read! I obsessed about this book from the time I read the first few chapters in B&N to the next day when I broke down and bought a copy. Once I started I couldn’t put it down (somewhat to my family’s chagrin. I became rather absorbed…) I recommended it to my best friend after I finished it only to find out she had already read it and loved it too!


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