Seraphina (Seraphina, #1)

Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina, named for its title character, is about a girl in a medieval fantasy world where dragons take human shape and participate in politics. She apparently joins the human royal court as a musician in a time when tensions are high between humans and dragons.
The cover art is strikingly retro–I like that–and the title is a simple but pretty eponym. After that the jacket synopsis offered me a YA fantasy freshly different from the traditional vampire/werewolf/dystopia of our current YA environment.
I haven’t stopped yet. It’s good. Even though the author starts at the character’s birth and not in medias res, she hooks us by opening the Prologue with the announcement that the main character has been able to remember her entire life from birth. A subtle hook, but enough to keep me reading until she reveals the main character’s household is strange and her caregivers regard her as ‘strange’ even as an infant.
I can’t really think of any specific criticism for this title. The language is accessible and smart–suitable for readers of all ages–and the tone is clearly established from the outset.
I guess the only note I can think of is this book so far reminds me heavily of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Witch of the West. Not a bad thing, but I was acutely aware of it while reading.

You know I recommend my readers try all the books, even the ones which didn’t hook me, as long as they find them interesting in premise.
But this is one which meets my high standards for a good opening AND intrigues me enough to keep reading. I’ll follow this up as soon as I can!

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