RANT: Trilogies? Really?

Hello, DontRead faithful.
Today, I write about a disturbing trend among our book selection these days: The Three Book Series or “Trilogy.”
Now Trilogies are nothing new–they’ve been around since ancient Greece–but I suddenly find myself dreading them.
Every time I pick up a book that otherwise looks intriguing I have an immediate “bowl of petunias” feeling (“Oh no, not again,”) when I see the trilogy announcement smearing its dust jacket.

“Book One of the Ass-Butt Trilogy,” the cover will proudly proclaim, and I will die a little inside. It seems like you can’t pick up a work of genre fiction without having to buy two extra books.
I’m not even really sure WHY I have this sudden knee jerk reation to trilogies specifically, because I don’t feel the same way about duologies–not that there are many–or series longer than that.
And there are some trilogies I like… Hunger Games was a good one. Star Wars. Mass Effect, while not a novel, per se had some great writing and was well divided into its trilogic parts.

I guess I personally am getting jaded and viewing the whole ‘trilogysm’ as a cheap marketing ploy. Sometimes I just want to sit down and read a story from start to finish. FINISH. I don’t always want a subscription to your ongoing adventures–sometimes a story needs to stop.
Plus, if you’re going based on classic story structure and placing the beginning, middle, and end in separate books, you get one of two things from a trilogy:
At BEST you get two full stories and one truncated stub with no beginning and no end as the middle book.
While at WORST you get three stubs–a torn up manuscript which you buy in pieces.
Authors, I pray you think long and hard about whether your story REALLY needs to be split into three parts, two parts, seven parts, or ONE.

It’s important.
So this is just a little tirade about my personal feelings. Let me know whether or not you agree in the comments below!

My 100th Post is Tomorrow! Be sure to tune in for the winner of my contest, a very special review, and MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!


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