So this always happens to me…


A Hungry Owl – Not something which often happens to me, though it did occur once.

It’s only been live for two days and I’ve already found a large error in my new Serialized novel, HTRP.
No, I’m not gonna tell you what it is–if you want to know bad enough go read it–but trust me, I see it. As far as I know, authors can’t change their work once they’ve uploaded a chapter to the site.

Oh well, nobody’s perfect.
I actually started this blog because I needed to improve my stories’ openings and analyzing the works of others helps me to improve.
So I got excited and I rushed–this wasn’t my A-game project, just something I was working on for fun–and I figured submitting chapter by chapter would help me get off my butt and edit it.
I always get too worked up and submit before I’m ready–this happens A LOT when I submit to agents.
I need another set of eyes–only I don’t have beta readers!
And good beta readers are so hard to find. The writing group in my town is… Well, let’s just say they have different goals than I.

I thought of instituting a novel-exchange program on the blogoshpere after NaNoWriMo is over with. Would anyone be interested? I’d have to have some kind of qualifications, of course, but I think it could help those of us who aren’t able to get help elsewhere.

If you’re interested, leave a comment.

And I’ll do better with the next chapter.


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