Mistborn Trilogy

Hello, Don’tRead faithful! With the advent of my 100th post, I’m changing up the format just a bit, so it might go through a few permutations. Just bear with me—you’ll still get the same literary coverage.

Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)

Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson is about rebels vs. the empire. My wife pitched it to me as the story of what happens after the prophesied chosen one failed to defeat the evil emperor.
My wife mentioned it as a drug for those of us detoxing from A Song of Ice and Fire—sort of a methadone of medieval fantasy—not as potent as the real stuff but still pleasant in its own right and helps you not to go into withdrawals.
The setting, characters, and world are adequately built, if a little unoriginal (but that’s forgivable, seeing as the genre is what it is). I liked the way the signature magic system in this world was introduced slowly in little glimpses of a main character’s power. I did briefly think it was inspired by D20 games due to one character talking about expending her “Luck” as though it were a finite resource.
I also like how one of the main characters is a 40-something instead of a fresh, green youth—very rare in the rebels v. empire plot—though the other main is a teen girl. We’ll see how this develops.
Another thing I liked is the Trilogy is sold as a whole in ebook format and the sample is quite generous—120 pages. That gives us ample time to bond with the characters and uncover the plot.
There is a prologue, which opens with not only a description of the weather, but the introduction of two non-essential characters who then vanish from the narrative. In having my wife read it to me I got bored very quickly, but I reread it myself and powered through it to get to some good times.
While this intro does expose some essential things relevant to world-building, I can’t help but feel it could have been handled better.

For now. I’ll give it ‘till the sample’s end, then see how I feel. But far from being derivative, this work has some good characters, good dialogue, and good world elements so far. I may follow up.
-EDIT: I found out later there’s actually four books in the series, so it’s not a trilogy. It’s a quadlogy? I know there’s a word for that, what is it?

What do you think about Mistborn? Tell me about it in the Comments!


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