What I’ve been doing instead of Writing-FRIDAY EDITION

It’s only missing about half an inch off the end.

So I cut my thumb off because seroiusly, fuck thumbs. On a completely unrelated note, ALWAYS use the hand guarg when operating a mandolin slicer. Even if you’ve done it without a hundred times before and it’s being a pain in the ass because your potatoes won’t stick to it properly.
In other news, a NEW CHAPTER of H2RP drops today! Go read it!
I’m also still (slowly) reading Mistborn and I want to talk about it.
The sample, at 120 pages had me hooked hard–a great argument for longer samples. I find myself fascinated by the author’s stylistic choices, more precisely I’m fascinated by the fact he makes so many of what I’d call mistakes AND I’M STILL HOOKED.
For starters, he and I share a bad habit–making our characters sit around in a room and TALK about what they’re going to do instead of doing it. I hate when I catch my characters doing this (an offense they’ve committed THREE times already in my very short NaNo novel) and the fact that he can keep me reading through it is stellar; it means there’s hope for me!
Next, he keeps tossing out throwaway bits of exposition–things that would be great for hooks–without a second thought! It boggles my mind, not only because it’s different than what I’ve come to expect from fantasy, but because some of these are great little bits that could hook a reader!
I’d have to say that the main thing that’s kept me reading is the tension between the main character and the world he’s put her in. The girl, Vin, is raised on teh streets by an abusive brother who has convinced her (correctly so) that everyone she knows is waiting to betray her. Enter the other main characters, a troupe of theives with some honor and some trust. They’ve picked her out because of her special talents and she’s having trouble coping in an environment in which she doesn’t have to watch her back all the time.
It’s great because you can tell SOMEBODY’s gonna betray somebody. Either the kid’s gonna drop her guard and get stabbed in the back herself, or her street training will kick in and she’ll do unto others before they can do unto her.
Shaping up to be a great read!

So hopefully next week will be a more productive week for posting.


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