Querying through the holidays

Good stuff to know, for those of you looking to traditionally publish a novel.

Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

books fireplace favim.comLots of writers ask when the best time to query an agent is, so here’s a breakdown of my tips about querying through the winter holidays.

Just because you have time off from your day job, doesn’t mean agents have time to read your query. We’re inundated!

  • The volume of queries goes up from December to January. We are just as busy as we alway are–even though you’re off from work–therefore we will not be getting back to you as quickly. A 4-6 week reply turns into 6-8 weeks.
  • Starting this week, American Thanksgiving, through to the first week of January publishing slows its pace. People in publishing start taking holidays, using their weekends for (GASP!) fun and holiday parties, not reading like we usually do. Therefore, we’re going to be slower with our partial and full requests.
  • We are still looking for new projects, as always, but just know…

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