Far Far Away

Hey guys! Still recoviering from being sick, but I finally started reading things again–Also, did you know I’m on Twitter? Check me out @J_Ensis !

Far Far Away


It’s about a kid in a small town who is haunted by a ghost. A celebrity ghost!


The cover art was a standout amid the garish and busy offerings typical of the YA section. I actually thought it looked indie (read, cheap) but that kind of charmed me. I don’t think it is, but I liked that they took a risk to stand out.


It opens with a story about what’s to come inside the book and the author’s voice is perfect for utilizing this type of opening–it’s timeless and accessible and again, charming. The book also starts with a wierd kid being isolated at school until the most popular girl comes to talk to him but DOESN’T demand homework answers as usual. All the while the ghost is narrating and talking to our main character.
The character is immediately relatable for me, as I was wierd kid with the supernatural abilities in school. The other characters just have such distinct voices, it feels like I know them all already.
Add to that the dramatic irony of having a near omniscient presence nearby, and trying to conceal it, and I like where this is going. So I bought it, and I intend to read it.
All in all, I’d have to say it’s a combination of the author’s voice and the hook in the little story at the beginning sold it for me.


I guess if you were reading closely, none of this stuff sounds very original–kind of an Americana Comedia Del Arte, if you will–but I don’t really feel that can be counted against it. Originality is, as some have said, the ability to conceal your sources, and as long as the author is going somewhere with it–and I sense he is–It’s okay by me.


And I’ll follow up as soon as I’m done!
But if you’ve read Far Far Away, leave me a comment and tell me about it!

In other news, A new H2RP drops today! Plus, I’m planning a big push to the website with a reveal next week. IF my health holds out, that is… so check back with me!


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