Hello, Don’tRead faithful! 
Yes, I know it’s a bit of a cop out, but I’ve been working on it all day and it IS technically free… Anyway there’s a new chapter of H2RP out today, but that’s not the big news! 

H2RP Clock

Cover was designed by Steven Novak, BTW. Great guy, great work, and quite reasonable.

The big news is, I’m posting the whole book to the H2RP website! Now you can read it even if you don’t wanna sign up for a Jukepop account!
Seriously, though, the guys at Jukepop are cool, so in order to not completely screw them over, I’m only going to post new chapters to the H2RP website AFTER they’ve been on Jukepop for about a month. 
So this means that, while eventually the whole thing will exist on each website, the only place to get your fix for the NEWEST chapters of H2RP is on Jukepop!

And I welcome reviews, critiques, even editors if you’re game to try it. My plan for H2RP is to make it available for free as an ebook once I’ve finished and update it with new content semi-regularly. But you can read more about all that, plus behind the scenes and meta-stuff at!

See you later and thanks for reading!


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