So I’m taking a writing class…

I happened to catch Writer’s Digest tweeting about a class of theirs–Agent One-on-One: Your First Ten Pages Boot Camp–and I thought it might be a good idea to take it.
So I bought it for myself as a Christmas Present, swallowing the expense like a bitter pill, mostly because I couldn’t find any reviews.

Basically, you get your first ten pages critiqued by an agent, then they look at your revisions over the next couple of days. The beginning of my novel, EggShell, is something I’ve struggled with for a while, and book beginnings ARE the main theme of this blog.

I’ve been to a few writing conferences before, but I’ve never had an actual CLASS on novel writing, so this will be interesting. Next week, I’ll review the class as a whole, to let you know whether it’s something you guys might want to spend your change on. $199 is a substantial amount of money for most of us, so I was extremely hesitant. True, Writer’s Digest is a reputable name, but the AGENTS are the ones actually orchestrating much of the course.

And not all agents are created equal.

So tune in, I’ve got some reviews lined up this week, plus I have a CONTEST on! Literally no one has entered. If you entered right now you’d be guaranteed to win. That is, unless others enter after you. Still it’s a pretty good chance.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but my contests don’t seem to get many entrants. Oh well. If all else fails, I’ll just have two badass Tervis Mugs!

Anyway, check back later for more awesome stuff!


6 thoughts on “So I’m taking a writing class…

  1. I took a fiction writing class during undergrad and it was amazing! A large part of it was the professor but just reading all the other people’s work + having others (mainly the prof but a few others in the class) read my stuff was extraordinarily helpful.

    • Professors are the best! I wish there was an actual novel-writing major in schools that included marketing, social media, self-pub v. trad-pub, and all the relevant issues of today’s writing world. The only ones I know of are focused on generating short story collections.

  2. Hi!
    Look it’s my post off to the right–with the little picture of my MNM fortune teller. Thank you so much!
    I came to thank you for your visit to my site on Tuesday. I’m glad you liked my post “…3 Blogging Mistakes.”
    Nice to meet you. Thanks again for the exposure on your site.

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