DON’T READ BOOKS is Re-branding: New Look – New Identity!

Hello, readers!
It’s your ol’ pal Ensis with some exciting news!
I’m shaking shit up–changed my site’s look and since my reviews changed focus, I decided to change the name.
I’m going with ‘The First-Impressionist’ because it’s a bit of a pun and it’s more in line with what I’m doing now. I think Manet was technically the first impressionist, but my blog focuses on first impressions and I sometimes do arts, so I feel it works.
DONTREADBOOKS.COM will redirect here–and the quality of the posts will be the same–but I wanted to give some prosody to my site.
You like it? Leave me a comment!
Also, why are we not friends on the social medias yet? Hit me up on the Twiddles (my pet-name for Twitter) and FaceButt (my perjorative for Facebook).

Now I’ll tell you the story of the picture below you:

Last night, my wife and I were hanging (drinking) with some of our friends and one, a Librarian, asked me to draw “an interesting woman with a bow and arrow.” Then she and my wife left to apply make-up or something while I sketched and her fiance helped me put the finishing touches on the drawing. The result was the image you see below–


I envisioned her as an early middle aged woman who was rejected by a gentleman who preferred his women more “interesting.” Was she bitter? A little maybe, but she put on a brave face and muddled through.
I figured she worked as a sound tech for the studio who shot Train’s music video–the one about Johnny Depp and mermaid-fucking–and by some strange twist of chance she was left behind on the island location when shooting wrapped.
She got a scar on her eye (though she had lost her leg in a motorcycle accident previously) when she was attacked by the entity which haunts the island.
Desperate for companionship, she cobbled together the McPegster-199, the sex robot with realistic human arms, using leftover sound and prop equipment from the shoot. I imagine he mostly shouts out, “DANGER, DANGER!” and waves his semi-realistic human arms. One can fire lazers, but it’s also safe for other uses.
Then I gave her a talking flying-fish sidekick who acts a moral foil for her in her constant fight against the sinister, disembodied pair of eyes who’s out to get her, pictured to the left.

Because of the increasing parallels to Disney’s adaptation of The Little Mermaid, we decided to name her in its honor, and the Librarian dubbed her “Arial J. Sangna.” It’s Russian, but I don’t think it translates well into English.

Anyway, the point of all this is, my wife suggested I write a novel about her, but I feel the picture does her better justice. Though, if anyone wants to take up the challenge of writing about Arial, feel free.


What do you think? Tell me your opinions in a comment.

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