#PitMad is today?! Pitch Madness!


Hey, everybody! Remember that social media thing we’ve been talking about?

Well, I just found out today will be Pitch Madness!

What is pitch madness?
Apparently it’s the opposite of Manuscript Wishlist—We writers post up our best proposal in 140 characters or less, use the hastag #PitMad, and await all the juicy agent and editor interest! I think the rules are that if they favorite your tweet, they want more information.  Might be a good idea to give it to them.

So the question here is on the perfect twitter pitch. This is kind of like a “flashfiction” challenge. Can you sell your novel in 140 characters (and less because we have to include the hastag)? Really it’s 132 characters, seeing as you’ll need a space before the hashtag of seven characters.

So I’m thinking something like:

“Annie and Cael run away to a fantasy land. They know they must go home, but can they defeat the evil Gods which hold them there?  

Just a Rough Draft. I’m going to be pitching all of my manuscripts and just for fun I might toss out some joke pitches. Follow me today @J_Ensis for the fun!

Tune in tomorrow for the less-popular #BitMad – “Bitch Madness” – a frank discussion of female dog breeding techniques.


3 thoughts on “#PitMad is today?! Pitch Madness!

    • Actually, I’ve even seen some nonfiction pitches! If you can fit it in, add the hashtag for your genre or category, like #NF, #NA, or something like that.
      Go wild!
      And thanks for the question!

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