I Can’t Reach the Cupcake




The cupcake is something we all have dangled in front of us. Who put it there? Well, technically we did.

Those things we really want but somehow don’t yet have. Cupcakes. All of them

Some say we’ll never get the cupcake.

Some say the cupcake’s not even worth the effort and we should eat the leaves on the branches that are easier to get to.

And some say that dinosaurs were never meant to eat cupcakes and that they’d probably have digestive problems if they did.

But the cupcake doesn’t care. Like a raven on an Athenian Bust it still is sitting, still is sitting just beyond our reach.

“Grow your neck longer!” Some say.

“Rear up on your hind legs!” Say others.

“Go to the store and buy a cupcake already!” Exclaim the rest. They are the most misguided of all.

The cupcake is many things to many people.

But the cupcake is not what is important—it is a deception, an illusion meant to distract us. It is not in the cupcake that we find what we are looking for, but in the reach.

For what would this cupcake bring you?

Were you to eat it, you’d have a brief satiety and a memory of its taste.

Were you to hold it in your hand and cherish all your days, it will rot and fall away.

The cupcake is but a moment; a window into a time you reached and grasped and held.

The reach is where we push ourselves, where we grow, exceed.

For some one cupcake is enough.

They consume their moment and its consumption grants them joy sufficient for a lifetime.

But we are different, aren’t we?

There will always be a cupcake held higher, further out of our reach, and we will always WANT.

But remember: Wanting the goal is fine. But cherish the reach.

The reach is where the real reward lies.


What is YOUR cupcake?


9 thoughts on “I Can’t Reach the Cupcake

  1. Susie sent me:)
    Fantastic post. Though I am new at WordPress it’s posts like these that inspire me to write more. I hope you can take some time and go through my blog. It’s new but your critique can help me hone my art too.

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