I’m Still Alive!

Hello, Loyal Readers!

Life’s been kinda hectic for me lately, and doubtless you’ve noticed the lack of content coming to the site.

The main thing holding me down is my upcoming knee surgery, but I’m also juggling house hunting, a fledgeling business venture, and two craft-improvement courses simultaneously.

Guest Blogging, Anyone? – Hit me up!

But as I said before, I’m still here!

In recompense for my neglect, here’s some of the homework I did for one of the courses I’m taking:



So I think I may be becoming a painter. Painter and writer… a double threat!

I’m still planning a post AT LEAST once a week. Maybe I should just incorporate my craft improvement courses into the blog so I have something to post about?  I’ll think about it. I just don’t want this to become a commercial for something…
Also, it’s a little bit private. A little. Maybe. Is anybody even interested? Well, we’ll see.


What do you think? Tell me your opinions in a comment.

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