Your Query Letter for The Next Bestselling YA Novel



Are you writing YA? Ready to submit to agents? Well I did you a favor!

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a fill-in-the-blank Query Letter to the agent of your choice.
Just choose words based on the prompts below, then match them with the corresponding number in the body of the letter, and send them off to your agent! Clever word processors can use the Find/Replace function!


Dear (Agent’s Name),

  1. Book Name
  2. Natural disaster
  3. A Concept, idea, or state of being
  4. Adjective
  5. Vaguely Sci-Fi Girl’s Name
  6. Group
  7. Gov’t Agency
  8. Unpleasant task
  9. Verb
  10. Professional Field
  11. Form of Conflict
  12. Physical Quality
  13. Skill
  14. Douche-y Guy’s Name
  15. Verb
  16. Plural Noun
  17. Nonsense Word

Don’t Read Past here until after you’ve picked all your words!




After the Success of (1) and other great YA books writers and publishers who are looking to sell more books continue to (2) the market with more of the same.

That’s why I wrote (3): a novel about a young adult in a (4) society.

Meet (5): a 17 year old trying to make it one day at a time. But everything changes when her (6) comes under scrutiny of the (7). Threatened with (8), they must learn to (9) for themselves.

Forced into (10), our main character has one choice: win rent money for the month by competing in the (10) Games—a (11)-royale style contest of (12) and (13).

Enter (14), the only other person in the contest with more (12) than the main character. To make matters worse, (14) makes his romantic intentions for (5) known. But they can’t both win the (10) Games! What is (7) to do?

Things come to a head when (7) gets bored of the Games and just decides to (15) everyone. The two lovers are in a fight for their lives, but thanks to her (13) abilities, she and the love interest (15) the entire (7) first.

Then there’s a Sequel.
I thought you were a good fit to query, seeing as your agency represented other prestigious Novels such as (16), The (17), and Divergent.

I await your response!

(Your Name)


What do you think? Tell me your opinions in a comment.

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