What I’m doing instead of reading.

image (1)


I drew a boto! Boto is the name of the amazon river dolphin, one of the few remaining freshwater dolphins in the world.

A Boto features heavily in my novel, which is out for beta reading right now, so this is basically a character portrait. I took a few artistic liberties with mine (very few cetaceans have pelvic flippers as this one does), but Boto are distinct from bottlenose dolphins in many ways. For instance, they’re chunkier and have flexible necks–which a lot of other cetaceans lack. I also drew them both without a reference, so the real boto looks still more different.

Reading deprivation kind of forces you to be present in the world and use your time to be productive. So I’ll try posting a drawing or so per day on the site.

So stay tuned! and leave me a comment!



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