My Comic Book is Coming! #Kickstarter

Hello, Loyal Readers!
My artist-imposed reading deprivation is over! I’ll spare you my thoughts on the subject, suffice it to say it does have its merits.

Anyway, it’s back to books for me, but until I get some new material to Post on, I wanted to tell you guys about MY COMIC BOOK!

What then?

This was my page in the comic. Look below for more of the artists!


Ok, so it’s not technically MINE, per se…
So, remember a while back when I re-blogged about The Exquisite Corpse Project?
Well, the administrator invited me to do a page for his latest project: The Exquisite Corpse Comic Book!

Jason Tyne-Zimmerman found 28 artists and asked each of them to draw a comic book page for the book. The catch? Each only got to see the last panel of the page before theirs! So naturally, what follows is an epic, surrealist journey that might just end up making some kind of sense.

I haven’t yet seen the final product, but there’s a Kickstarter going to fund an actual print run of this bad-boy! Two dollars get you a digital copy of the entire comic and all the art therein, while just ten bucks gets you a physical copy. All of the artists get copies whether or not the project is funded, but we want everybody to have a chance to share in this exuberant awesomeness.

So please donate to the Exquisite Kickstarter!

Below you can find some of the artists involved in the project and check out their work–there are a lot of guys more skilled than I, and even some little kids! The Busy Mockingbird did a page, and you know how awesome she is!

Kieran X Quinn
Frank A Kadar
Jim Siergey
Cole Johnson
Abby Denson
Andy Nukes
Monte Wolverton
George Berlin
Ryan Browne
Scott Henricks
Jesse Balmer
Chuck Harrison
Bernard Dumaine
Franzie Weldgen
David D’Ostilio
Jason Tyne-Zimmerman
Eric Hutchison
Raffaele Marinetti

Hector Pineda
Niagara Balls
Luca Rossi
Mica Hendricks
Chelsea Kenna

Anyway, thanks, guys. More book reviews coming up soon!

And leave me some comments!


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