Faith in humanity = 0

Left an editing copy and a bunch of notes from my a-game manuscript on the bus today.
Spent 45 mins catching up with the bus but no one turned it in to the driver and it wasn’t in my seat anymore.
What would anybody want with two hundred marked-up pages, all covered in post-its?
Called the RTA office twice. No help there.
Every day I get up and fight a battle in my head to try to hive people the benefit of the doubt. It’s especially hard for me because in Corpus Christi, where I live, 90% of the population act like assholes all the time. And I already have a pretty dismal opinion of humankind.
Yes; I’m angry at the world for letting me down.
I’m angry at humanity for being shitty.
And most of all I’m angry at myself for fucking up. 20140619-131643-47803182.jpg

I tried something new: drawing a picture to cope with anger since I’m at work and I can’t scream and break things. It worked ok. Now I’m ready to grieve.
End rant.


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