A Gallery of Failure

Hello, Loyal Readers!

You know, we have a lot of fun on this site looking at each other’s drawings—well, ok; you look at MY drawings and I HOPE it’s fun for you—but sometimes we creative types fail to take into account how daunting it is for others who are just getting their start in art. Sometimes I make this drawing shit look easy—It’s not.
This post by the Busy Mockingbird opened my eyes a little bit about that.
I screw up so often while drawing (ok, full disclosure: while doing EVERYthing) but naturally, I only publish the finished product, the A-game, the piece de resistance. And so often people tell me how talented I am, but it’s not really talent—It’s work.

Anyway, I do screw up often (I may have mentioned that before) but I’ve taken to completing and drawing attention to the mistakes I can’t fix as a coping device.
And in the interest of helping others aspiring, I’ve decided to showcase some of my “Greatest Shits,” that is a collection of work upon which I screwed up.

WARNING–there are some tasteful nudes in here. #freethenipple





Centerpiece of the collection, I call it “Pig Nose.” This is an aborted copy of the cover of Saga by Vaugn and Staples. Crayon and ink.


My studies of form sometimes yield… unpalpable results. The subject clearly has a crick in her neck as well. This one is entitled “Deflate-tit”


After her eye and mouth began to look strange, I just decided to take inspiration from the greats. This one is called simply, “Durr, I’m Picasso!”


This is a lovely piece I call “Shark Perspective” Originally intended to be a semi-realistic drawing of a shark from perspective, I stopped before doing further damage but not before the drawing began to look… interesting.



Here I’ve started copying faces from Gundam: Origin. Yasuhiko, the artist has such a conservative, elegant style and I wanted to try my hand at emulating it. As you may have noticed my drawings of humans–particularly their faces–leave a little to be desired. This was with a reference.


Here, I tried to draw Gundam’s protagonist Amuro. But again, I screwed up the perspective on his eye and decided to make him a victim of radiation burns.


Humans are fucking hard to draw. Just ask this sprightly young lady with the little baby arm.



Not sure why I wanted to draw a man urinating, but the urge struck and so I did, but again I screwed the proportion. Anyway, I added the speech bubble of this classy, mustachioed man explaining his umbilical urea. This classy drawing has been titled “No Big.” Pay no attention to the slightly-less-fucked-up-edly drawn face to the right.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed my “Gallery of Failure” and I hope its given you some renewed hope, or at least schadenfreude. Do read The Busy Mockingbird’s article–it’s filled with great insights for creative types and has a very hopeful message.

Now I leave you with this quote:

“A painting is never finished – it simply stops in interesting places.”
Paul Gardner


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