Still in the game!

Hello, loyal readers!

Seems like a long time since I posted!
But I’m burning up the pages in Camp Nanowrimo and I’m thrilled with the progress I’m making on my old manuscript. I’m a little behind where I wanted to be, but in editing quality counts over quantity.
I’ve come up with a new way to break down stories, which makes them easier for me to process in rewrites. I’ll do a post on it when the event is done.

Till then, here’s a sketch I did yesterday: Pig Man!


Mild mannered meat plant inspector by day, caped animal rights crusader by night! While on a routine pork processing inspection, husky FDA agent Percival Ignatius Gramm slipped in feces and fell into a superheated vat of emulsified organ meat. When he emerged, the chemical preservatives and growth hormone had transformed him–into Pig Man!–a being with all the powers of a pig and more! Now he wages a ceaseless battle for humane and sensible treatment of livestock!

Anyway, how’s your Camp Nanowrimo going? Let us know in the comments!


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