Movies I Hate that Everyone Else Likes:

It seems the world of cinema goes through crests and troughs of absolute shittiness—it gets so bad that sometimes I go whole years without ever seeing a film in theaters. But every now and again I gamble on a movie and, usually I lose. What confuses me is how ANYone could like some of the turds Hollywood poops out.


The Poster for the new Hollywood Blockbuster: “Frankenstein vs. Giant Tarsier”

Below is a list of the foremost of my conundrums of the past five or so years—that is to say, Movies I Hate that Everyone Else Likes:


Godzirra (2014)

Star Trek: Into Derpness

Froz’n – (I don’t HATE it, but it’s waaay overrated)

The Avenchers

Hungry Games – (again, didn’t hate I but was very disappointed)

The Hobbo, AKA Peter Jackson Loves Your Money

The Derp Knight Rises

The Crappin’ in the Woods

Every Hairy Potter film, ESPECIALLY the Sixth, (but I didn’t hate the third one)

Whore Horse

Stupid 8 – (again, no hate, but overrated)

Alice in Burtonland

The Princess Frog – (no hate, disappointing, yadda-yadda…)


I felt like sharing. Our consumerist culture seems to dictate that we HAVE to go to the movies and I feel that people see so much mediocrity (and outright feculence) that they forget what makes a good movie.

It’s not effects and it’s not cinematography; it’s writing.

It always has been. Films have influenced books and vice versa since the dawn of motion pictures, but I feel the two steal so much from each other in pursuit of spectacle that they lose sight of what’s truly important—forging a connection with the audience.


What’s your most memorable movie? What’s your most memorable book?

Let us know in the comments!

Whatever you answer, I bet it’s because the works connected with you—emotionally, intellectually, maybe even metaphysically. Keep that in mind the next time you watch or write something.

Thanks, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Movies I Hate that Everyone Else Likes:

  1. Oooh, had to comment on this one due to my love of movies.

    So some of these I don’t think I’ve seen. Stupid 8? Not sure which movie this is in reference to, but I did dislike Batman: Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, Into Darkness, and was never a fan of the Potter films.

    However, I did LOVE the Avengers, not because of great writing but because the action was spectacular. The Avengers had a terrible plot that made no sense. I still don’t know why Loki went to Germany, the introduction could be cut from the movie, and Hawkeye’s character arc was terrible. But in terms of action and visual spectacle with witty one-liners, The Avengers delivers.

    But now, let me talk about movies I -loved- where the writing was solid.

    3:10 to Yuma (the remake with Bale and Crowe). Wow, what a movie. The way the character motivation is revealed to you at the end of the movie is just heart breaking. As soon as I realized why Christian Bale’s character was doing what he was doing, I said to my girlfriend. “Wow, the only reason he did this was so that . . . ” and then I started blubbering.

    Excellent film, but I don’t like to hype films too much because it’ll leave you disappointed.

    An oldie but a goodie, LA Confidential. As someone who had never seen it until recently, L.A. Confidential did a great job in telling a story and giving you character arcs. Is it kind of predictable at points? Yes, but only because of its age. The characters have depth and the editing keeps everything going. I’d watch it again in a heartbeat.

    I don’t want to recommend anymore movies because the greater the hype the greater the disappointment. I hate when people recommend stuff to me because I probably won’t like it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy watching some of these movies if you haven’t already.

    • I haven’t actually seen either of your picks–I’ll probably do a follow up post about movies I like–but I’m gonna check out LA confidential in particular. I remember when I was a kid, it was all over the place, but I was a bit too young to appreciate it.

      Thanks for the comment, Wilmar!

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