So I’m preparing to take the plunge.

That’s right! Some of you may have noticed a change in the volume of posts around here and it’s due to two things: One, I’ve been working more on my own book, which leaves me less time to read others’ and Two, I’m preparing to take my career to the next level by becoming a full time writer/artist.

This means I’m doing what everyone advises against—quitting my day job.

It’s taken a lot of soul searching and preparation, but I’m very near to achieving my goal. There are a number of reasons for me to make this change and chief among them is giving my art the time and energy it deserves. Secondly, I’m unhappy in my current job and have been so for a long time.  I won’t discuss details here, *TANGENT ALERT* but as a service I will say that if any of you have a psychology degree DON’T even think about becoming a case manager unless it has been your dream since you were a small child. MH case management and Social Work are not jobs to be taken lightly—they are lifetime careers that offer minimal growth potential, high stress, and are highly difficult to transition out of into other fields.

Tangent over. Anyway…

What does this mean for you, my readers? It means more stuff from me for starters! I can finally focus on cleaning up the eight novels I’ve written to the point where humans can read them without achieving Lovecraftian levels of insanity. I’ll be able to paint more and *might* entertain the idea of commissions.

I’ll probably also put some kind of Paypal donation box somewhere around here and look into crowd-funding to finance some of my more ambitious ideas (the video game, the musical, the film, the breakfast cereal, the FLAMETHROWER!—the kids love that one) only some of which are jokes..

And don’t worry; I’ve got a backup plan in place in case it turns out this is a false start and I’m suddenly homeless.

So what do you think about my crazy plan? I’ve had a lot of advice both ways, but does anyone have any firsthand experience with this kind of thing? Let me know in the comments!


This is my first big painting; it’s about four feet tall and three feet wide!


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