So Remember when I drew a Panel for that Comic Book?



Turns out I was helping to rewrite Jeanne-Marie de Beaumont‘s classic fairy tale, Beauty and The Beast.

They tricked me! And I couldn’t be more thrilled! I can’t wait to get my copy, and you can have one too!


A lot of great artists contributed work on this project–you can see the full list above, on the cover–and a lot of them are better than I, so don’t let my half-assed sketches turn you off to what will no doubt be the comic book experience of a lifetime!

Check out the exquisite Corpse Project’s Twitter @xquisite_corpse and their facebook page to keep abreast of the developments and find out how you can get YOUR copy!


Obligaroty NanoWrimo update:

In case you aren’t sick of hearing about NaNoWriMo, I’ve finally found my writing groove, and I think my characters are going to start doing something interesting for a change. I’m hoping to cross the halfway mark today to 25000 words!

Yeah, I know I’m behind. Send me messages of encouragement! …And someone to do the laundry. Seriously, it’s starting to stink.


What do you think? Tell me your opinions in a comment.

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