My Gift to All of You

This was a favorite mad-lib of mine from last year.
Hope you enjoy, and have a safe and effective holiday!

Ensis Reads

20131224-080510.jpg One of my wife’s gifts to me.

Hello, All Ye Don’tRead Faithful.
“The Holidays” are a time when people celebrate dates or ‘days’ which are, to them, ‘holy’ if you will. For many of us, this means adherence to a tradition set forth for us by others at some ancient time.  My personal thoughts on this topic can be found elsewhere, but today I am here to celebrate a tradition of my own.
I give and like to receive gifts which are homemade. Anyone can buy a hunk of plastic crap at a store, but it shows some real care to create a thing with your own brains, or hands, or pedipalps, or whatever you have, just for someone else.
And so I made this small Holiday token for all of my followers—you MUST BE FOLLOWING my blog to use it (wink, wink* honor system, guys)—It’s a…

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