A gallery of Success!

Hello, Loyal Readers!

It’s been a hectic holiday (is there any other kind?) but I’m here today to share a little something with you. Sure, this post is nothing but a boost to my own ego, but that’s important and therapeutic every now and then.
Many of you remember my post “A Gallery of Failure” from a few months back–a post in which I attempted to show other art-inclined persons that even people with talent screw up drawings from time to time (or several times in a row [or more often than not, in my case…]) Well today, I wish to show you some of my more polished work–proof, if you will, that I AM capable of creating what some would call ‘art’ (some of the time, anyway).

So if you indulge me you’ll get to see some cool, exclusive paintings and illustrations!


This one I refer to as “Axolotl Jesus.” I like drawing Axolotls as religious figures. Copic marker on Xerox- unfinished.


This is a polar bear, a Christmas Present for my Aunt. Oil Pastel on Canvas Panel. This was before I realized I don’t like the way oil pastels feel on canvas.


20150105-080529-29129969.jpg This one is a portrait of some friends’ dog, Sam–another Christmas Gift. Oil Pastel on Wood. I worked from the photo below on this one.


I got some flesh-tone Copic markers with my Hobby Lobby Gift Card! I broke them in by trying to do a nude without outlines–because I didn’t have a pen. Copic Marker on The Back of My Radiologist’s report.


And this is a drawing of a Pokemon. I like Pokemon. I tried to do a semi-realistic Mew, who is a sort of fetus-cat. Copic on sketch paper.


The picture’s kind of catty-cornered, but I’d given away the original before I got a good photo. It was a gift for my Mother and her Husband. Bald Eagle. Oil Pastel on Wood.

And so those are some of my most successful paintings lately. I hope you enjoyed them.

Now leave some comments–what do you like to paint? Link to some of your work! Tell us about you experiments in different media!

And Thanks for Reading!


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