“I Quit”

Hello, Loyal Readers!

I come before you today to share momentous news! As many of you know, I’ve spent more than six years working in the field of mental health and writing after hours, on breaks, and just wherever I could eke out time. It took a toll on my psyche and, needless to say, on my writing.

Well a few weeks ago, I took another huge step toward becoming a full time writer. I’ll spare you the details of the job hunt, but something was different about this time. This time I meant it.

I’m bursting to say that my last day as a full-time case manager is Friday!


I’ve waited years to say those two magic words in the title, but at 5:00 PM on Friday I shall (hopefully) never work in mental health again (or at least not until they fix the broken system a little bit).

In the meantime, I have accepted a position as Part Time Educator at The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. While I’m not yet a full-time writer, this part time job will allow me 10 or more hours per week which I can use to write/paint/maybe volunteer at the playhouse? And at the same time, it affords me a safety net of income.

I’ve been so nervous, excited–and yes, even scared–that I’ve been keeping my brain occupied with taxing, yet frivolous vices in which I can lose myself and not have to think about anything. Netflix, Monster Hunter 4, Magic the Gathering, Porno, etc.

Now that the 11th hour draws nigh I’m ready to be a man and get back to work on what really matters: The Art.

At the risk of this post getting a little ramble-y, I’d like to share with all of you some of my goals, in no order:

  • Revise and submit my Alpha Novel to agents
  • Publish 1-3 Smaller Novels on Smashwords
  • Continue (and edit) my Serial Novel, How To Reverse The Polarity
  • Have one of My Plays Staged
  • Sell some paintings
  • Get a Mohawk and some cranial Tattoos
  • Continue my award winning* blog-work
  • Launch my Singing Career
  • Complete the Super-Spicy Wings Challenge at Scuttlebutt’s Restaurant

So there you go. A full dance card, I know, but I feel that, with diligence and time management, I can make at least one or two of those stick.

So whaddya think? Care to share a story about YOUR journey towards a full time vie boheme? Wish me some luck? Tell me I’m a fool? 
Well leave us a comment then!

And as always, thanks for reading!

*award may be make-believe


What do you think? Tell me your opinions in a comment.

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