The Editing Blues…

Hello, Loyal Readers! 

I have a grand announcemen to make—I’ve edited over 160 pages of my manuscript! You know, that novel I’m always talking about? The one I’ve been editing for five years? 160 Pages baby, YEAH!

This is truly a momentous achievement and I’m very proud. I’m also really tired of working on it. I promised myself as soon as I was through editing I’d start shopping it around to agents immediately.

Except… I’ve still got another 80 pages to go.  That’s right, I’m only two thirds of the way through this 3rd draft, but I’m finding it harder and harder to continue working and focus.
I quit my freaking job to work on this thing, and while I still have a part time job, I’ve just found myself kinda dreading the editry.

So how do you guys stick with it? What keeps you editing when the going gets rough? Is it ok for books to even BE this long?

Leave a comment and let us know!
Thanks for Reading!



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